Episode 27: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Oh dear god, they’re breeding.

Part 2 after the break, or full version on Vimeo here: https://vimeo.com/112609648



2 thoughts on “Episode 27: Breaking Dawn Part 1

  1. Best thing to wake up to EVER, though I was hoping you’d touch more on the hilarious wolf telepathic scene, but I can give it up for the hilariousness of the rest of the review. Stay tuned for part two, and the most anti-climatic ending EVER.

    • Oh yeah, she is not kidding when she says it’s anti-climatic. Having read all four books, don’t ask me why, I can tell that the ending to breaking dawn is BULLSHIT! Also, yes the name is from the book and it’s stupid in the book as well. In defense of the Harry Potter movies, who would really want to sit for three hours in a theater? The book Breaking Dawn itself is padded to death and could have easily been taken out to make one film.

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