VLOG 5/5/13: Iron Man 3

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/hYt3g5HiJgA?p=1 width=”640″ height=”360″]

Shane Black made this movie in a cave…with a box of scraps!


One thought on “VLOG 5/5/13: Iron Man 3

  1. I dunno, I didn’t really care for Iron Man 3. For one thing, I thought it was a dick move when (SPOILERS) The Mandarin turned out to be Aldrich Killian and Ben Kingsley’s character was just some jagoff drug-addicted actor. As you pointed out, his character had a ton of menace and gravitas, but it’s for precisely that reason that it really felt like a cop-out when that all turned out to be complete horseshit. Also, I can’t be the only one who face-palmed when Killian’s origin turned out to be a giant ripoff of Syndrome’s from The Incredibles; I don’t know if that’s how it happened in the comics, but if it is, it’s still a ripoff because The Incredibles came out in 2004 and Killian didn’t appear in the comics until 2005 (according to Wikipedia, anyway). And Tony telling The Mandarin to come and get him at his house was about the dumbest fucking thing he could have done; I mean, the whole reason he was building so many Iron Man suits was so he could protect Pepper, but that sort of goes out the window when he more or less waves his dick in The Mandarin’s face, doesn’t it? And yeah, Tony says it was a stupid move, but just hanging a lampshade on it (thank you, TVTropes) doesn’t make it any less stupid or out of character.

    Also, what the HELL was the story with Ben Kingsley’s accent? Was he trying to sound like an Englishman doing an American accent and failing at it?

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