Episode 48: Sharknado

We’re gonna need a bigger review.

Part 2 after the break, or Vimeo version here: https://vimeo.com/116629068


2 thoughts on “Episode 48: Sharknado

    • Tara’s 37. Assuming her character April is the same age, having a 16-year-old daughter would mean she gave birth at 21. Perhaps a bit young, but not unheard of. The bigger question mark is April’s and Fin’s (Ian Ziering) son. The movie seems to imply he’s at least finished with high school and moved on to flight school, so he’d be at least 18 (even though Wikipedia puts the actor closer to 30). That would put April at 19 when she had him!

      Actually, come to think of it, that might explain why April’s and Fin’s marriage failed. Rushed in, married too young, pumped out a couple of kids, realized they made a mistake, divorced. Sadly, that’s not a terribly uncommon story nowadays.

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