Episode 49: Alone In The Dark

The only thing scary about this movie is the fact that they thought Uwe Boll should be the one to make it. Did they not see House Of The Dead?

Part 2 after the break, or Vimeo version here: https://vimeo.com/116629070


One thought on “Episode 49: Alone In The Dark

  1. You think that action sequence in Alone in the Dark was bad? You haven’t seen shit until you’ve seen the final fight scene in Ultraviolet (which i’ve been dying to see someone review). While the postal 2 kickstarter may have flopped big time, someone actually donated $1000 to his campaign.

    Also, I couldn’t help but notice this movie had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GAMES. Not even the specific game in the franchise it’s based off of. Even the shitty silent hill films had a little to do with the games. Here we have shit about aliens, ancient artifacts, and an orphanage. What the hell?

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