VLOG: How To Train Your Dragon 2

This is amazing!


2 thoughts on “VLOG: How To Train Your Dragon 2

  1. if your looking for new movies i got two movies and a movie (well two) trailers to get your attention to the final fantasy movies (mainly spirt with in). as for trailers sly cooper and ratchet and clanck. if you do one of the final fantasy movies tear spirt with in a new one it deserves please

  2. The story of Drago and his Bewilderbeast was never in the movie proper, but it is visually implied in small ways I think. But the filmmakers have said that Drago found his Alpha Dragon as an egg, and raised it in an abusive way until the dragon snapped, and he had complete control over it. One of the hints to this in the visuals are the chains around it’s tusks, which is similar to how some people mistreat baby Elephants. If they chain their tusks to poles as babies, then by the time they are adults, the Elephants won’t even try to pull away, even though they can easily break the chains, because it has been drilled into them that they can’t.

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