Episode 57: Getaway

This is Getaway, and it should.

Vimeo version here: https://vimeo.com/118674511


4 thoughts on “Episode 57: Getaway

  1. The plot of this movie reminds me of a game for the Playstation 2,The Getaway, which came out in 2002. Granted, it was the protagonists SON who was kidnapped (the gangsters killed his wife and framed him for it) — but the premise is still the same.

    Also, did the makers of this movie really think that the BULGARIANS would have ‘POLICE’ written on their vehicles in ENGLISH?

  2. I genuinely didn’t know whether your ‘hint’ at the end of Episode 56 was supposed to be blatant or subtle, hence my comment that I thought you’d discuss either this or The Phantom Menace.

    And not that it’s especially relevant, but according to my cursory research, you can dial either 112 (general EU emergency services) or 166 for the police in Bulgaria.

    You’re doing A Thousand Words next, aren’t you, Sean?

  3. I’m guilty as charge for the misunderstanding of your hint. 🙂
    But to be fair – I’ve never heard of this movie before, so it isn’t a surprise.

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