VLOG: Transformers: Age of Extinction

It’s the most critically panned movie in Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise to date. Is the hate well deserved?


One thought on “VLOG: Transformers: Age of Extinction

  1. I honestly did not expect you to do a V-LOG on this movie. I thought you were going to wait for the home video release and rent or buy it, then do a regularly scheduled episode about it.

    Speaking of your regularly scheduled episodes, I really think you should do RIPD, which RT rates worse than several of the movies you have covered, including all the Transformers movies—it’s currently got 13 percent. And for good reason, because it is:

    Another comic book adaptation starring Ryan Reynolds, who drags down the much better Mary Louise Parker, Kevin Bacon and Jeff Bridges with him for the paucity of his ‘acting’;
    The worst movie from 2013 about an apocalyptic event;
    Yet another mismatched buddy-cop movie, which for my money still hasn’t been able to do better than Lethal Weapon;
    A horror-action-comedy that doesn’t work as any of those;
    A carbon copy of Men in Black

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