Episode 59: Cutthroat Island

I may have gotten a little carried away with this one…



4 thoughts on “Episode 59: Cutthroat Island

  1. First: really nice episode (especially for the accent and the Monkey Island theme), but the drunken speech mode got a little jarring after a while, maybe you got there too early.

    Second: I noticed your blip page isn’t active anymore. Does that mean you will be youtube-exclusive from now on?

  2. Great video! Please try to review My Little Pony: Equestria Girls? The series and film have a huge and EXTREMELY dedicated fanbase, so…yeah! You’ll inevitably get way more views if you review it. Plus, it’s a bit controversial due to it brimming with fanservice. Personally, coming from a not-Brony, it wasn’t bad. The characters were memorable, the songs will NOT get out of my head, and it had a fairly interesting story. Again, I’m NOT a Brony. For what it is, it’s innocent enough. Try to review it.

  3. I agree with Martin about the drunken speech. I don’t know if you were acting or really drunk but you should probably offer a 2nd dub with you talking normally. I know you apologize for nothing. Maybe youtube took it down cause they thought you were promoting alcoholism? A Similar thing happened to NeroReviews when he “killed” himself after watching Cat in the Hat.

    PS, My Guesses for your next film: Wrath of the Titans

    Also you MUST review Atlas Shrugged 1 and 2 and upcoming 3. It makes Twilight films look like the Nolan Batman Trilogy. I am not kidding.

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