Bottom 10 Movies of 2016

No, Ghostbusters didn’t make the list. Deal with it.


2 thoughts on “Bottom 10 Movies of 2016

  1. So “The 5th Wave”. Interesting choice for worst movie you’ve seen in 2016. I’ve never really seen anyone mention it before. And whilst I have no Idea whether I’d considered the movie I’d seen last year, I’d definitely say it was one of the most disappointing.

    You see I’m a fan of the book series the film is based, having gotten in to the books through seeing the first book around many of the book stores that I go to – but not really checking it out until I read a positive review for the first book on the AV Club website.

    And when I heard that they were making a movie out of it I was really excited, especially when they cast Chloe Grace-Moretz in the lead role as Cassie, not only because she’s a really talented actress and apparently a popular choice to play the character in fan-castings, but she’s stated in interviews that she’s a fan of both the source material and the lead character. Combine that with the trailers which I thought looked pretty good and I thought this would be a decent adaptation….

    …It wasn’t.

    They removed pretty much every character’s personality traits.

    Compressed and rushed through a lot of the story elements and plot points, so that even if they were book accurate they didn’t have the impact they should have.

    Changed stuff for no good reason, that only ended up creating more plotholes that there were in the books.

    Left out several plot points from the first book that either continued into the next 2 books, or set up stuff for plot points introduced in the next 2 books, that definitely had to be introduced in the first movie and could not be moved till later movies, pretty much killing any chance of “The Infinite Sea” and “The Last Star” being adapted (granted with the film’s low-domestic box-office sequels are pretty much never going to happen anyway).

    Removed most of the books darker and violent scenes (apparently some/but not all of them are on the DVD’s deleted scenes) even the ones that contained important character moments.

    Tried to play up the Love Triangle elements that barely existed in the books. In the book whilst Cassie did have a crush on Ben/Zombie he had never interacted with her before and didn’t meet her until the end of the book, whereas in the movie he appears to at least appears to be on first name basis with her. The movie also adds a lot more ship-tease between the two of them with the implication that the 2 of them might have gotten together had there been another movie, where as in the 2nd book they spend most of their time arguing with each other (and not in the Belligerent Sexual Tension kind of way) and the one time they have anything close to a romantic moment due to the changes they’ve both gone through during the course of the books Cassie realises that Ben is not the kind of person she thought he was so she no longer feels anything for him.

    Oh and remember Ringer – the kind of aggressive Goth chick from the movie played by Maika Monroe. In the books she’s not a goth and is Asian (specially 3/4s Japanese and ¼ Apache – Native American), her real name being Marika Kimura. And if you’re thinking that the studio thought they could get away with white-washing a minor secondary character, well not only is Ringer the most popular character from the series, but she’s promoted to main character status in the other 2 books and actually narrated at least ½ of the second book- whereas Cassie the main character from the first book only gets 2 or so chapters.

    So yeah I did not enjoy this movie.

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