One thought on “Cinematic Excrement: Episode 113 – Cocktail

  1. I’d put this film in the same category as films like First Blood Part II & Indecent Proposal (and maybe even Transformers 2): movies that did very good business, and got a pass from more critics than you might expect, but also had a lot of people who found them quite repellent and were probably more incensed than they might have been due to the box office returns. The late Gene Siskel & Roger Ebert initially gave it negative but not virulent reviews, but both eventually featured it on their Worst-of-1988 show. Siskel called it “the visual equivalent of drug peddling,” and I think that captures the central complaint that so many people had about it, especially in the context of the time in which it was made.
    One doesn’t often find the Razzies recognizing such films, but every now & then they do.

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