VLOG – The Lion King (2019)

I am not feeling the love tonight.

One thought on “VLOG – The Lion King (2019)

  1. These type of movies confuse me, really. I expect a shot-for-shot recreation of the the animated movies, but with realistic looking animals, and real prople, when possible. Of course, the studio feels it has to show something new, thus altering famous scenes, to the audience’s dismay. “I Want to be Like You” from the Jungle Books comes to mind.

    This was disappointing. The realistic tone ruins what made thebanimated movie donendearing. What was the point?
    Some scenes feel incomplete, others were lengthened and made pointless.
    JEJ’s voice is not the same anymore, maybe due to his age. The one thing I missed was Jeremy Irons as Scar.

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