So recently some butthurt right-wing douchebag started harassing me on the Twitters. In what I’m sure is a COMPLETELY UNRELATED incident, I have been temporarily suspended from the Twitters. And this is the tweet that did it:


Gee, I wonder who reported this?

Honestly I don’t even remember to whom this was directed, and I can’t check because all it shows is a shortened Twitter URL and, well, my account is suspended.

And why was it worthy of suspension, you might well ask? Well…


Apparently they determined that I was suggesting someone should literally go sodomize themselves to death with large, pointy, desert flora. If I have to explain why this is ridiculous, there’s no hope for you.

Obviously I have appealed this, and maybe Twitter will listen to reason. I’m not holding my breath, but we’ll see. But honestly, if I’m not on Twitter for a while, all you won’t see is a bunch of political and movie related retweets and my occasional lame jokes. You’re not missing much. 😉